Can I Opt for Yachting in Dubai at an Affordable Cost?


Away from the bustle and dazzle of the city of Dubai lies the Dubai Marina, an escape to calmness and tranquility. Whether it is early morning, afternoon or evening, exploring the Dubai Marina on a yacht is always a bliss. By choosing a yacht rental Dubai you get an opportunity to witness the city’s landmarks like the Burj Al Arab, Atlantis, The Palm, etc. The yachts offer added services such as freshly cooked food, water activities, and so on.

Yacht rental is also the emerging destination to host parties and celebrations. In spite of all the attractive features of yachting in Dubai, many tourists take a step back by pondering about the expenses. If you are one of them, read on this article as we provide some tried and tested ways to organize your yacht trip in Dubai Marina on a budget. 

Tips to Book a Yacht in Dubai at a Competitive Price

The yachts are equipped with luxurious facilities in and out. With high-end features and demand, their price is also not very low. But, you can get them at cheap deals by using some tips. Let us know about them below:

Book in Advance

The best way to rent a yacht at an affordable price is by booking in advance. Most yacht rental suppliers have their website that features their services. You may check them out and confirm your booking. Companies offer discounts on early bookings. Apart from availing extra discounts you also get the time to analyze and decide.

Avoid Peak Seasons

Winters in Dubai, that is roughly from the month of November to April, witness the highest number of tourists. The prices of yachting in Dubai along with other things surge considerably. This is also true for other places like Abu Dhabi.  Whether you go for yacht rental Abu Dhabi or Dubai, avoiding peak season can help you save extra costs. All places in Dubai including the Dubai Marina are flooded with tourists during the peak season. Hence, for a peaceful trip in Dubai consider off season travel. 

Bring Your Own Food 

Yachting  in Dubai have a functioning kitchen onboard. There is also an experienced chef who serves the guests fresh savory dishes. But any food served on a yacht is extra chargeable. Hence, instead of paying additional costs for food, it is advisable to carry your own food. Opt for the dry ones so that you can have them without any hassle.  

Compare Before You Book 

There are numerous yacht rental companies or yachting offering a variety of options. Check out more than one company and draw a comparison in terms of their offerings and price range. You must explore the market and gather basic insights before taking the final call. Once you are sure of what you want, book the yacht that suits your preferences. 

Yachting in Dubai is all about mesmerizing views, fun and adventure and more enjoy. It is also a chance to avail world-class hospitality and experience a luxury. You can spend quality time with your friends, family or loved ones as the yachts calmly sail over the blue waters of the Dubai Marina. Rent the perfect yacht from OneClickDrive, an exclusive marketplace of car and yacht rental in the UAE. 

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