Real Estate in the New Year: Evaluating Real Estate’s Reliability

Real Estate

Real Estate Throughout 2023, a question loomed large: which would outpace the other—home loan interest rates or home prices? Traditionally, these elements move in opposite directions, 포제스 한강 offering a counterbalance. Yet, in an extraordinary twist of events, interest rates skyrocketed while housing prices continued their upward surge.

This chain of events prompts us to ask: Does real estate retain its value as a dependable, inflation-resistant investment heading into 2024?

Trends supporting real estate fundamentals:

  • Continuous urbanisation
  • Foreign investment
  • Largest working-age population

Moving into 2024

The New Horizon Outlook 2024 report has analysed the residential market, predicting its continued strength. The outlook is positive, and the drivers of this outlook are significant growth prospects, consistent demand, and a robust expansion of the GDP. Homebuyers and investors are showing interest in new residential projects falling within the mid- to high-price range. 

Expectations for the Interest Rate in 2024 by the RBI

The Reuters poll of economists has predicted that the RBI will keep its interest rates unchanged at 6.50% in its fifth consecutive meeting, concluding on 8th December, 2023. A poll of 64 economists expects that the central bank is going to hold the repo rate. They are expecting no change before Q3 2024. Some of them see the repo rate on hold through the middle of 2024, while others expect a cut by the end of June.

How is the Residential Sector Going to Perform?

Investors are becoming more confident as the sentiments of the real estate market are recovering. India is regarded as one of the destinations for real estate investments. 

The country’s favourable dynamics are increasingly attracting investments from homebuyers. The factors driving this surge are an enhanced need for homeownership, stable interest rates, and surging property prices. 

Investors see new residential projects as a high-yielding investment choice given the following reasons:

  • Inflation-proof
  • Diversification 
  • Long-term growth
  • High returns

Launch Your Real Estate Portfolio Today

As we believe that real estate’s future is going to be bright, we recommend investing in real estate. You can begin investing in new residential projects in regions like Noida and Gurgaon. The following projects offer investment opportunities in the residential real estate sector:

  • ATS Destinaire
  • ATS Allure
  • ATS Picturesque Reprieves
  • ATS Kingston Heath

These under-construction or ready-to-move-in residential projects by ATS Greens offer comfortable living while seamlessly blending outstanding amenities with captivating views of lush greenery.

ATS Greens is a reputed developer that not only promises a spacious and well-developed home but also makes sure that there is a harmonious balance between modern convenience and serene surroundings.

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