Does Kingdom Business Profit Making Enterprise?

Kingdom Business

Kingdom businesses are profit-making enterprises established under the Lordship of Jesus Christ that are run by born again believers to serve Him, honor Him and transform lives. Profits generated from such businesses go toward honoring Him, serving others and improving lives.

Kingdom business employees are valued as individual children of God and encouraged to reach their full potential – creating an inviting culture which draws in those with similar ideals to your business. This approach helps attract the right kind of employees.

Kingdom Business Product Assessment

As part of this phase, it is important to focus on the quality of your products and services. Make sure they meet all industry standards while being designed with your customers in mind and that they meet kingdom values and principles.

Kingdom businesses aim to have a positive effect on people’s lives; this cannot occur if their culture does not foster Christian principles. Therefore, it is vitally important that you set aside time for prayer and spiritual development so you are able to maintain an integrated life as both Christian and entrepreneur.

An effective first step to creating an entrepreneurial business is creating a clear plan and outlining your goals for it. Perhaps one of your goals may be creating a kingdom-focused enterprise that is profitable while honoring God.

To achieve this, assess the current situation, determine your strengths and weaknesses and devise a strategy to address any areas where improvement may be necessary – such as improving leadership or marketing capabilities that hinder success as an entrepreneur.

The Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community website also has plenty of tools and resources that can assist you with crafting plans for your businesses!

Marketing Strategy

As part of your kingdom business phase, it is critical that you prioritize marketing your products and services effectively to attract new customers. An excellent way of doing this is through social media or attending industry events.

Another essential aspect of kingdom business is creating a plan and strategy for your company. Doing this can help you to set goals, meet them, stay focused on what is most important, and avoid becoming distracted by other activities.

An effective plan will enable you to see the big picture and make informed decisions for your kingdom business, rather than being controlled by it. “Failing to plan is planning to fail”; thus, in order for it to thrive successfully. To be a success in kingdom business, one must create and execute their plan.

Kingdom businesses exist to glorify God. That means everything their business does – from hiring employees and marketing their products/services – should bring glory to Him.

Furthermore, kingdom businesses should model servant leadership while honoring employees like unique children of God on an journey towards fulfillment; employees should be treasured, cared for deeply during both good times and difficult periods, communicated with with respect, and shepherded towards spiritual growth.

Sales Strategy

At this step, a business plan must be created which details your target area for competition and specific products or services offered.

An excellent business plan allows you to evaluate competitors by uncovering their strengths and weaknesses as well as positioning your company for success.

An important goal for kingdom business owners is ensuring their product or service provides true value to their target market and addresses any existing needs in its entirety.

Otherwise, finding enough customers may become impossible and could eventually force you out of business altogether.

Kingdom businesses also face competition from non-Christian companies, which can be quite challenging. But remember that God’s purpose for your business does not depend on how many people it serves or the amount of money made from sales.

Today on our episode, Jeanette discusses six essential aspects that every kingdom business owner should incorporate into their process, such as setting a prayer rhythm, developing a vision, implementing systems, developing financial plans, mastering sales and marketing tactics, perfecting client delivery and more.

For more information visit the Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community Library of Kingdom Business Resources HERE.

Customer Service

Customer service in kingdom business emphasizes meeting needs that go beyond simple sales transactions.

This may include providing employees with training and leadership development opportunities, treating customers with dignity and respect and creating community outreach programs to assist those in need – an approach reflective of Christ’s command to love our neighbor as ourselves.

Bergsma points out that great commission companies (GCCs) demonstrate the non-institutional aspect of church’s mission in society and contribute to church missio ecclesiae through their actions.

GCCs serve as “business missionaries”, acting as representatives of Christ to show his compassion towards those in need in society.

He noted that Christian professionals leading these businesses use their knowledge, passion and experience to advance not only the business at hand but also their church community. Additionally, these leaders are willing to live and work in areas with limited church influence in order to meet spiritual, economic and social needs effectively.

Kingdom businesses recognize that all work is from God and that each person has been called by Him to fulfill specific goals, writes Peterson.

They use business as an instrument to assist their employees in fulfilling this calling and honor God in their work.

Employees are valued as unique children of God and nurtured to their fullest potential while care is shown both during times of joyous celebrations as well as grief; respectful communication channels are maintained between all staff members, and spiritual growth is promoted with care and mentoring provided along the way.

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