Health insurance calculator for foreigners in the Czech Republic


Everyone who moves to the Czech Republic is important to find an apartment, and a job, but also to get health insurance.The Czech Republic is an increasingly common destination for all those who want a change. Everyone who wanted to live in a country surrounded by beautiful nature, great culture, delicious food, and beer chose the Czech Republic, but there is something more. All those who wished to live in better conditions and better regulation also chose the Czech Republic.

This country is considered one of the countries with the best regulations, and the proof of that is the health system and health insurance. According to this and these conditions, it is important to know which health insurance you will choose, and to choose the best one, it is important to make a decision. Today we are talking about the Czech health insurance calculator, so follow us to the end and learn more.

A calculator that helps you review all healthcare offers in the Czech Republic

Everyone who moves to the Czech Republic is important to find an apartment, and a job, but also to get health insurance. That’s why it’s important to know about this calculator that can help you choose the best offer. With its help, you can review all offers and health companies such as AXA, Colonnade Insurance company, Slavia Insurance company, Uniqa Insurance company, insurance company VZP, and SV insurance company and find the best one for you.

How does this calculator work?

This calculator is not at all complicated to use and can be used by any foreigner who comes to the Czech Republic. You need to enter your data as well as health data. The calculator itself makes offers from all health insurance companies in the Czech Republic, and you can pay for the offer you choose, after which you receive the contract at your address or by e-mail.

What type of insurance can you choose in the Czech Republic?

Every foreigner has the right to choose it in the Czech Republic, and this calculator is the best help for that. There are several types of insurance, that is, there are packages for acute health insurance, but also emergency packages for unforeseen situations. The important thing is that everyone can choose the one that suits them best from the calculated offers and pay the one that would best solve the situation they are facing.

Choose health insurance in the Czech Republic according to your situation

If you are a pregnant woman, a special offer is prepared for you with the help of the calculator, which would help you the best during your pregnancy days. Also, special offers are made for all students and seniors, according to the budgets. That’s why it’s good to use a calculator that will lead you to the best one for you.

In the end, the most important thing is that the insurance package in the Czech Republic covers all the services and necessary treatments for you. So be responsible and at the same time practical and choose the calculator that will give you the best and most favorable solution for you and every stranger.


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