Key Factors You Need to Know About Choosing Direct Burial

Direct Burial

When you lose a loved one, you may be unsure about the funeral option available. Knowing the different options you may have to send off your loved one the right way can be helpful. One choice that is not popular but is convenient and affordable is direct burial. If you want to bury your loved one but do not know the right choice, here are things to help you. Understanding direct burial is crucial to determine if it is the right option.

It is a faster process compared to other burials. This makes it a viable option if you do not want to spend much time and money on funeral arrangements. You don’t have to embalm your loved one or hold a service before if you do not wish to or cannot afford it. Making funeral arrangements after the death of a loved one can be stressful and overwhelming. It is a process that you may not want to take when grieving. That is why direct burial is a great option. 

Here are essential things to know about it.

Direct Burial Basic Features

When you choose it, the body is buried without a funeral or memorial service within the days of passing. It saves money on funeral expenses. Instead of using an expensive casket, the body is buried in a container and does not require embalmment because there will be no viewing or visitation. You can avoid many costs associated with funerals or pre-funeral events. Some features of a direct burial include:

  • The body is buried in a container instead of an expensive coffin
  • There is no viewing or visitation before the burial
  • You can hold a graveside funeral after the body is buried

How Does a Direct Burial Work?

How Does a Direct Burial Work?

It is different from traditional burial in various aspects. Here is a description of how it works.

  • Body Transportation

Before everything else, the body of the deceased is transported from its current location, say a hospital or home, to a funeral home.

  • Paperwork

The next thing is choosing a service provided by the funeral home. During this point, you will be clear on what you want for your loved one, including embalming. Working with funeral service providers is a good idea to make the process smooth and less costly. In addition to offering funeral services, a service provider like Newrest Funerals offers affordable service. They help prepare your loved one for burial, giving you time to focus on grieving and other important things related to the burial.

  • Burial

Lastly, the funeral service providers also help transport the body to the cemetery. You may opt for a brief service or hold it later.

Reasons for Choosing a Direct Burial

Reasons for Choosing a Direct Burial

Generally, you should hold a funeral for your deceased loved one before burying them. However, there are instances when the family may choose direct burial. Here are various reasons you may opt for a direct burial.

  • Unable to hold a gathering due to a seasonal illness or pandemic
  • Your family lives too far and cannot travel for the service
  • You want to hold the service later on
  • You are honouring the deceased’s wishes
  • You want to simplify the process and reduce stress

 The Benefits of Choosing a Direct Burial

There are a bunch of benefits to choosing a direct burial over other burial options. Such include:

  • Affordability

Planning a funeral is an expensive venture that requires financial preparedness. The cost of a funeral or burial can vary significantly based on your choices. For instance, you will have to pay more for embalmment. Therefore, if you are looking for a way to send off your loved one without sending too much money, direct burial is a fantastic option. So, if you want to save money, call various service providers and find a low direct burial cost.

  • Less Stress

Another benefit of a direct burial is less stress regarding a few preparations. The process of preparing the body and burying it is straightforward. You also do not need to host relatives and friends or search for items like a funeral home, buy a coffin, and such. This gives your family and loved ones time to mourn the loss of a loved one rather than worrying about funeral arrangements.

Is Direct Burial the Best Option?

 Direct Burial

Before you choose a direct burial to send off your loved one, it is essential to think hard about whether it is the right option. A direct burial may be the perfect option if you are low on funds or lack time. You should also choose direct burial if your loved one specified the choice when they die. However, if you want to pay tribute or have people gather to bury them, a direct burial may not be the best option. That means the choice you make depends on various situations.


You should know these essential things about a newrest funerals offers affordable service. This option allows you to lay a loved one to rest without a financial burden or stress. It helps save money when you have a small budget and manage the lay to rest your loved one without trouble. Before you choose direct burial, it is good to have a reason and be sure that it is the best option for your deceased loved one.


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