invest 98l

invest 98l

FMIT continues to monitor invest 98l as it moves north along the South Florida coastline and nears Key West. Cyclone formation chances have increased significantly and should reach medium through this weekend.

An invest area is defined as any weather system being monitored by the National Hurricane Center for potential tropical development, typically between 90 to 99 numbers before starting over with 1. These invest areas are then numbered from 1 backwards until their numbering starts over again at 90.

“Invest” designation is used by the NHC when starting to collect specific data sets or run computer models.

invest 98l is a tropical wave

The National Hurricane Center is keeping an eye on a tropical wave in the Atlantic Ocean that is predicted to develop into either a tropical depression or storm over the coming week. It currently resides well east of Florida and stands a 20% chance of becoming such.

A tropical wave currently exists as an unorganized system; however, its chances for consolidation are promising as it has ample heat energy and low wind shear conditions which provide ideal conditions for development. Over the next week it should travel through both the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico before strengthening into either a depression or storm by Sunday evening.

FOX 35 Storm Team will keep you updated on any tropical systems. Be sure to have your hurricane plan and kit ready, just in case.

“Invest” indicates the National Hurricane Center is engaged in collecting data or running models on a system. After gathering this information, the NHC will decide whether it should become a tropical depression or hurricane and assign it a number, appended with “L” for depressions or storms if necessary.

invest 98l is a threat to the Gulf Coast

AccuWeather meteorologists are monitoring Tropical Storm Invest 98L closely as it could pose a threat to areas in Florida next week. Forecast models project that it could form into either a tropical depression or hurricane this weekend as it moves through the Caribbean Sea; should this materialize, it could pose an imminent danger to northwestern Bahamas and Florida Peninsula late next week.

Environmental conditions appear conducive for rapid intensification if 98L does become a named hurricane. Water temperatures in the western Caribbean are warm at 88 F, providing plenty of fuel to accelerate intensification. Furthermore, wind shear should decrease significantly as it moves over the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea.

However, an intensifying low pressure area forming over the eastern US could alter 98L’s overall steering winds as it moves through the northern Atlantic and make its track toward Gulf Coast and Florida more challenging.

At present, the center of invest 98l remains disorganized and messy on our WeatherRadar maps. While its formation will take some time–particularly with upper-level exhaust from Hurricane Fiona acting to impede upon it–its development remains crucial for interests from Louisiana to South Florida.

invest 98l is a threat to the Southeast

An emerging tropical wave in the Caribbean known as invest 98l could threaten South Florida next week. While its track is still unclear, most forecast models predict it curving north into the Gulf of Mexico by early next week.

If the storm makes landfall in the Gulf, there is the possibility that it could gain hurricane strength, becoming the first named hurricane of the U.S. season – yet such storms often reach hurricane status in September or October in other regions.

Meteorologists use the term “Invest” to refer to areas being monitored for possible tropical cyclone formation, with each “Invest” area receiving its own number and letter designation depending on which ocean it falls in. This system was implemented by the National Hurricane Center (NHC).

On top of Category 4 Hurricane Fiona’s approach, which could bring catastrophic destruction to Turks and Caicos and Bermuda this week, several other areas are of interest – one being Invest 98L which the FOX 35 Pinpoint Weather team is closely tracking. While too early to say exactly what will occur with it, long-range computer models indicate this could become a potential problem from Louisiana all the way south into Florida.

invest 98l is a threat to the Bahamas

The National Hurricane Center has increased the likelihood that Tropical Low 98L will form into a tropical depression or storm by this weekend as Atlantic conditions become more conducive for its formation. Although still disorganized, it should move gradually across the Caribbean Sea before making its way north toward the Gulf of Mexico by next week.

If invest 98l can make it through this weekend without experiencing an increase in shear, it may turn northward and make landfall over the Bahamas on Tuesday or Wednesday as a powerful hurricane. Should that occur, the system could strengthen into a major hurricane as it moves over exceptionally warm sea surface temperatures (SSTs) and interacts with jet streaks. Our meteorologists at KWTX First Alert Weather are keeping an eye on this developing threat; you can access our app for real-time forecast updates.

Importantly, just because a disturbance has been classified as an invest does not indicate it has an increased probability of becoming a tropical depression or storm. Instead, this designation serves as a way for the National Hurricane Center to begin collecting data and computer model guidance about an area of interest. When an invest develops an established center of circulation with sustained winds exceeding 38 mph it will be classified as a tropical depression and given its own name.

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